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Key 麻豆影视contacts

The key contacts for 麻豆影视members and those wishing to contact 麻豆影视are listed below.

Contacting the membership department

You can make the following changes to your membership information online at :

  • personal details
  • contact information
  • subscription band
  • new bank details
  • workplace information
  • employment information
  • end your membership.

Joining UCU

- if you have any joining queries, see if they're answered here

Jo Grady

General Secretary
Email: Jo Grady
Tel: 020 7756 2500
Fax: 020 7756 2501

Your 麻豆影视contacts

Find your local branch and regional contacts here.

Justine Mercer

Tel: 020 7756 2500
Fax: 020 7756 2501

麻豆影视regions & nations

Details of all full-time 麻豆影视regional and national officials